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nanoScan SPECT/CT

small animal SPECT/CT in vivo imagerPowerful high sensitivity, high resolution and fully integrated small animal SPECT/CT system

Using decades of expertise, the nanoScan SPECT/CT Dual–modality scanner integrates the multi-pinhole technology and 3D SPECT reconstruction software combined with a variable field-of-view high-performance CT system. Whole body quantitative SPECT studies for both mice and rats with sub-millimeter resolution are achieved by the improved parameters of the system. Ultrafast quantitative dynamic imaging is supported with full list mode acquisition format.

Summary of Key Benefits
  • Continuous leadership in preclinical SPECT technology
    • Non-multiplexed M3pinhole™ apertures, up to 100 pinholes; easily replaceable; whole-body mouse and rat collimators,
    • Exceptional performance: Up to 10,000 cps/MBq sensitivity @ sub mm resolution / Up to 0.275 mm resolution
    • Ultra fast 4D/5D list mode dynamic imaging by static or rotational modes with stationary and helical scans (please contact us for configuration options)
    • The system applies both CT-based attenuation and scatter correction – especially important for quantitative low-energy isotope studies
    • A selected configuration of the Mediso small animal SPECT system can image mice and monkeys (with parallel hole collimators)
  • Compact and easy-to-use design
  • CT is used for anatomical reference and enhances SPECT image quality by attenuation and scatter correction
SPECT/CT Bone scintigraphy
Summary of Key Benefits for SPECT
  • The complete system is designed in house by Mediso
    • Mediso Ultra High Performance (UHP) Detector
      • More than doubled crystal density: 50% larger detector area & 50% thicker crystal
      • Fully digital premium electronics: digital 1 ADC/PMT non-Anger detector electronics
      • 4 NaI(Tl) single 28x28cm crystal detectors; crystal thickness 9.5mm; detector FOV 27x27cm
      • Number of photomultiplier tubes: 144 (for 4 heads)
      • Fully digital: digital 1 ADC/PMT non-Anger detector electronics
    • Mediso multi-focal multi-size multiple pinhole apertures (M3-pinhole™)
      • Rectangular apertures have variable aperture size in one plate
      • Multifocal geometry
      • Non-overlapping projections
      • Select the appropriate aperture for the application: whole-body mouse, whole-body rat, ultra-high sensitivity or resolution apertures
      • Fast and easy replacement of apertures
Selected features of the CT subsystem

The X-ray CT alone is a whole-body imaging system in its own right. An extensive range of animals can be examined with this systems including larger animals. Even a whole body mouse scan can be performed with only one bed position. A very large detector surface is offered with large bore and helical scanning possibilities. Variable zoom and high power X-ray source (up to 80W).

  • Broadest range of CT applications: Ultrafast and ultralow dose CT with variable zoom up to x7.6 magnification to visualize even the smallest organs or in-vitro samples up to 120mm FOVMouse Lung CT imaging
    • Perform a whole-body mouse scan in 2 minutes – have the result instantly with 80 micron voxel size
    • Closest source to object distance for in-vivo imaging: extra small objects imaging
  • Tomographic information is ready at the end of scan*: on the fly real time reconstruction is enabled by multi-GPUs (* with applicable settings)
  • Optimized X-ray exposure dose to the animals and faster data acquisition due to stronger X-ray tube, increased detector area, sensitivity and better filtering
  • Automated calibration processes
  • Improved safety functions (gantry rotation position is stored, optimized X-ray ramp-up and run-up to ensure prolonged tube life)
System Design
  • Spiral mode with extended axial field of view of 28 cm for both modalities
  • Fully automated animal positioning based on CT scouting; manual adjustment is also supported
  • The system is equipped with remote access capability for service and remote diagnostics
  • Safety switches are both in the acquisition and control room allowing immediate stop of the examination
  • Integrated touchscreen monitor mounted on the gantry allows the user to control bed movements, gantry rotation, positioning for CT zoom and positioning related calibrations and settings


The CT subsystem can be used independently for whole-body imaging.
It is possible to image the largest variety of species currently used in research including larger animals or whole body mouse scans in one bed position. The system features a very large detector surface and large bore with helical or spiral scanning, variable zoom (up to 8) and high power X-ray source (up to 80W).