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InterView™ CT Dedicated Analysis Suite

InterView™CT Cardiac CT Analysis

Comprehensive Cardiac CT analysis system:

- Automatic segmentation of the heart into its comprising parts
- Complete coronary and functional assessment of the patient’s heart
- Intuitive 3D coronary artery presentation
- Virtual IVUS special view
- Easy-to-use, time saving


InterView™CT Calcium Score Analysis

Highly automated Calcium Scoring analysis module:

-  Automatic segmentation
- Calcium Score calculations
- Identifies the different arteries
- Scores the calcified plaque areas
- Agaston score and plaque volume indication
- Total plaque burden calculation
- Workflow to Approve findings


InterView™CT Cardiac Cath Analysis

Cardiac CT integrated with Coronary Angiography in the cathlab

- Helps to understand the 3D nature of vessel and the stenosis
- Real-time visualization capabilities
- Correlates CT tissue data (e.g. plaque, wall) on the angiogram image
- Recommends optimal C-arm orientation for best demonstration of the stenosis area
- Suggests stent size and positioning
- Shows the vessel’s pathway and stenosis composition in CTO cases


InterView™CT 3D Viewer with Cardiovascular Analysis

High level, simple-to-use 3D viewer and vascular imaging and analysis tool

- Comprehensive general purpose 3D medical image viewer
- CT vascular analysis tools
- Assessment of carotids, renal arteries and other peripherals
- Views and classifies plaque areas along the vessels
- Automatically identifies suspicious plaque and stenosis sites
- Supports CT, MR, PET, and XA data
- 2D viewing mode
- Slab viewing mode
- 3D viewing mode
- Endovascular viewing


InterView™CT Virtual Colonoscopy Analysis

Specialized CT virtual colonoscopy application

- Automatic and interactive navigation through the colon
- Volume Rendering of the colon
- Includes automated and fast processing tools such as:
- Colon segmentation
- Centerline extraction
- Bowel cleansing
- Pre-processing of study
- Synchronized 2D and 3D views
- Clinician analysis tools:
- 3D measurements
- Automated fly-through
- Polyp manual marking and measurement
- Supports flexible pricing models (pay-per-use, concurrent licenses, etc)
- Intuitive user interface (minimal training required)