Nuclear Medicine and Preclinical Imaging Systems
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AnyScan Family

The AnyScan® family covers unique triple-modality SPECT-CT-PET clinical systems, dual-modality SPECT/CT, PET/CT equipment as well as various single or multi-detector SPECT products.

Owing to the modular design, AnyScan® is extremely flexible  with multiple combinations of modalities possible in one imaging device. The various combinations satisfy the needs of any NM-clinic or department.

The AnyScan® family achieves the highest quality and reliability by using a highly detailed design and cutting edge engineering as well as the meticulous selection of suppliers of subsystem parts whom achieve the highest standards.


AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET triple modality system uniquely integrates Mediso’s state-of-the-art new SPECT, PET and CT modules.

AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET device is capable of high quality scans in both nuclear and radiological modalities – SPECT, PET and CT. The AnyScan® family offers all the diagnostic, therapeutic planning and monitoring advantages for patients. Acquiring multiple studies in one episode increases comfort and convenience for the patient.

The new imaging technology with AnyScan®  SPECT-CT-PET system will enable clinicians to utilize the device in five ways to perform five separate studies – SPECT-CT-PET, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, SPECT, multi-slice CT – all with a single system.

AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET Multi Modality Systems will serve as a major key for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases. With a single scan this imaging technology quickly captures comprehensive and accurate diagnostic information both on the two-modality molecular and anatomical levels and will enable physicians to detect changes in molecular activity and verify them even before structural changes become visible.
With early and more exact diagnosis, planning of treatment becomes more effective and the efficiency of treatment can be monitored, reducing the risk of surgery. Patient outcomes are dramatically improved.

The small footprint of the AnyScan® makes it possible to integrate the system into different clinical settings.

AnyScan® offers multi-slice CT configuration with speed of up to 0,4 seconds per rotation, allowing acquisition of a high quality CT scan in a few seconds. This enables physicians to obtain a functionally accurate, anatomically precise SPECT or PET-CT study faster.

Several upgrade paths are available:

Starting with a standalone SPECT, it can be upgraded to SPECT-CT or SPECT-CT-PET according to the growing need for modalities.

The integration of InterView FUSION, Mediso’s unique software platform, into the AnyScan® system also offers a common intuitive user interface and enables easy access to patient data. InterView FUSION, with its multimodality implementation, is uniquely suited for hybrid imaging systems like AnyScan®.


AnyScan configurations

Anyscan® – a unique solution in the Nuclear Medicine

- One of the first triple modality human NM imaging systems in the world
- Free architecture of NM and CT modalities
- Flexible system combinations due to a “building block” system
- All NM examinations performed on one equipment without patient repositioning
- Easy (field) system upgrade
- Easy (field) quality upgrade
- Diagnostic CT capability
- Multiple upgrade paths:
- Add-on upgrade from single unit to triple modality which covers all NM diagnostic procedures with a single device in a single room
- Splitting up capability where a dual or triple machine can be split and used as 2 separate machines


Basic system combinations:



Upgrade Paths

Add-on upgrade path for equipment that grows with the practice

- Starts with a purchase of AnyScan® S (SPECT)
- With addition of a CT unit  the system is upgraded to AnyScan®  SC (SPECT/CT)
- Further addition of a PET unit upgrades the system to AnyScan® (SPECT/CT/PET) triple modality system and all NM
examinations can be performed in the same room


Splitting upgrade path for increased throuhgput

- Starts with a purchase of AnyScan®  (SPECT/CT/PET) triple modality system
- When patient flow increased and require higher throughput it might be achieved by splitting the unit into an
AnyScan®  PC (PET/CT) and an AnyScan®  S (SPECT) with a purchase of an additional imaging table.
The AnyScan® S (SPECT) can operate in a separate room, doubling the throughput of the department.